Fishing Boss is an incremental game for IOS where players experience the journey from commercial fisherman to fishing tycoon. The game takes place in a group of islands in the open sea. Players start the game owning one dock. They are befriended by an experienced captain who helps them through their first decisions such as buying a new ship or upgrading the existing one, buying a new dock to unlock different fish, and collecting idle money. All game assets are in 3D and players navigate on a beautifully animated sea to discover more islands and new docks.


Fishing Boss was created by Monospect, an independent game development studio based in Turkey. The idea came from the sudden rise of idle incremental games. The founders of Monospect, being gamers ourselves, were constantly disappointed in the need of in-app purchases for a continued gameplay. This was the motivation of creating a premium idle game without in-app purchases or ads. The game was released world-wide and within ten days of its launch, Fishing Boss reached #76 in Top Paid Strategy Games and #68 in Top Paid Family Games, both in the US Apple AppStore.


  • Premium incremental gameplay without in-app purchases nor ads
  • Simple addictive gameplay featuring dozens of fishing boats
  • Rich 3D graphics and beautifully animated open sea
  • No internet connection needed


Gameplay Trailer YouTube



About Monospect

Monospect is Tech Company that provides web and mobile applications, real-time 3D software, UX design and natural language processing.
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